So this is the new politics….


So the Donald was up to his typical twitter antics and decided to attack the union president from Carrier that let it be known the Carrier deal, isn’t quite the deal the Donald has claimed it was.

So is this the new normal?  Everyone knows that Donald is at odds with any press that does not paint him in the best light.  So if Donald announces a new deal via twitter (because that’s his preferred method) and denounces anyone that speaks out against his announcement, is his word supposed to be taken as the truth?

He’s already taken pride in the carrier deal that has been suspect, and prided himself on a Japanese billionaire saying that he was going to create 50,000 jobs in the US and invest $50 billion in the US but when questioned he basically said, he was going to invest in “startups”.

Listen at 45 seconds if you want to hear the guy say that he’s going to invest money and jobs into businesses that don’t exist and have a huge failure rate.

But who am I to complain about politics that I admittedly don’t fully understand? I mean if a POTUS says he made a great deal and anyone who says otherwise is lying, I should believe him right?


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