There used to be a time when you could believe what the POTUS told you…

dumpThat time isn’t today, and it won’t be for the next 4 years.

Today, Donald Trump was speaking in Louisiana as part of his “Thank you” tour and he decided to regurgitate his non-factual facts.  In his ongoing battle with the media, he once again claimed that he knows the truth, but the media won’t tell you.Donald used his typical claim of the murder rate has the highest increase 45 years, and defended that statement by saying, “But the media won’t tell you that.”  The reason why the media won’t tell you that, is because it’s 100% false.

There’s this little thing, called the FBI database that you can go check the numbers for yourself.  The truth is that the murder rate has gone up in the latest year reported, 2015.  The ratio increased by 0.5%, 4.4% in 2014 to 4.9% in 2015.

The funny reason why Donald is telling out lie is, 2015 had a 0.5%, and in 1990, the murder rate increased by 0.7%.  I’m no mathematician, but reads like the highest increase was only 26 years ago.

The problem with this, outside of the fact that the POTUS-Elect is telling blatant lies, is that he’s playing with statistics.  There’s a book on how to do this.  If the numbers don’t support your argument, state percentages for or against your stance that sound like they support your claim.  If your football team isn’t the highest scoring team in the league, you can still claim they are really good by finding a stat that they’ve scored the most points in the final 2 minutes, or highest scoring 2nd quarter team in the league, scored at the highest rate in the red zone, etc.  None of these things hide the fact that your team isn’t the highest scoring, but it does cover it up with a bunch of other BS.  Another example is the congressional hearing where they imply Planned Parenthood is doing more abortions than cancer screenings which simply isn’t true.

Donald Trump is leading people to believe murder is at it’s highest in 45 years when the fact is, it’s the highest it’s been since 2008.  Even if you excuse his playing with statistics stance, using his exact words of “highest increase” he’s off by 19 years.

This is the reason why Donald doesn’t like the media.  He doesn’t like the media because he can tell blatant lies, and people are forced to just accept them as facts.  He can say that he saved over 1,000 jobs at carrier, when in reality only 730 jobs are staying in the US.  He can also attack the union leader that let it be known Donald was telling a lie causing him and his family to get death threats.  He can tell you that Miss Universe winner has a sex tape, when in reality she was caught on camera nude on a reality show.  Donald can simply make up any lie he wants and almost force people to believe it.

The days of having blind faith that the POTUS is telling the truth are officially over, but don’t tell Donald because he thinks you’re believing it.

FBI Database, More crime data, Full speech




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