Donald lacks diversity


Despite Donald Trump’s claims of being the President for all people, he has assembled a cabinet exactly how most people predicted; rich white people.

Yes Donald ran a good percentage of his campaign on pleading to poor people and minorities that they can’t do much worse than what they already have.  Then he nominated nothing but rich white people into positions where they control programs in which they clueless how they work or are needed and used by most Americans.

Donald has nominated exactly 2 minorities to his cabinet.  Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation and Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  20+ positions and exactly 2 are minorities.  So Donald is doing exactly as he has promised and making America white great again.

In less than 45 days from being elected by Russia, Donald has restarted the cold war, ignited a trade war with China, undermined the POPTUS like no President-Elect has ever done before, lied about saving jobs that have already been in the works for months, and flat out rescinded promises that he ran his campaign on.

Thanks Drumpf, you’re off to an amazing start.




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