Trump’s truth is the only truth you need to know


The scariest thing about Trump’s presidency is the fact that he wants his version of the truth to be the only truth.  It doesn’t matter if journalist researched it, it doesn’t matter if you watched it with your own eyes, doesn’t matter if you heard it with your own ears.  If Trump didn’t say it, it’s not a true statement.

I’ve documented Trump’s desire to talk to Americans through Twitter instead of press conferences and the fact that we absolutely can’t take anything he says at face value but this is more scary than many people realize.

Getting your news from only one source is a problem.  It doesn’t matter what the source is Fox news, MSNBC, CNN, local news, Trump, etc, if you’re getting your news from one source, you’re being misinformed.

Getting all of your information from Fox news is just as bad bad as blindly accepting that everything Trump tweets is the truth, especially when he calls Americans enemies like in this tweet.

I’m sure some will claim that Trump wasn’t talking about fellow Americans, but who else qualifies as people who fought him and lost?  The assumption is that he’s talking about Hillary Clinton and democrats that didn’t want to see him elected.

So now we have a President-Elect that wants people to take his word as the only truth and openly attacks anyone who speaks out against him.  It could be a normal civilian, reporters, and media outlets, if you report that what Trump said is not the truth, he will attempt to crush you or at the very least discredit you.

This is a scary time that we are about to encounter.


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