The press needs to band together and stand up to Donald Trump


Incoming Press Secretary San Spicer held a press conference today and did what Donald Trump and the rest of his transition team has done for months.  Blatantly refuse to answer a direct question and moved on to the next journalist.  Check out the video for yourself.

This is scary for a multitude of reasons, but the most troubling is the fact that American people have no idea who he’s indebted to.  Trump claims he’s worth $10 billion, Forbes says only $3.7 billion, but how much is he in debt?

By now everyone knows about the Buzzfeed report that is questionable at best, but considering Donald’s life has revolved around sex and raping dating women half his age, who can really question if he has some weird sexual fetishes?  And aside from the sexual stuff that was in the report, it’s claimed that Trump is indebted by hundred’s of millions to foreign governments.

It the clip you can see Sean Spicer deflect from answering a question about Trump, his organization, and his taxes by simply saying it’s already been answered.  The problem with that, it hasn’t been answered ever.

Trump’s taxes are “under audit” but now that he’s the 45th POTUS, there’s no way he’ll ever release them.  Why would he?  I’m sure most people would love to see who Donald has taken money from, but that information would all be used only to discredit him so it’s never coming out.

It’s understood that the POTUS can’t have a conflict of interest.  You can hear Spicer saying it two times in the clip.  “By law, he doesn’t have a conflict of interest.”  Not that he doesn’t have conflicts of interest, it’s just that because he’s the POTUS he can’t legally have a conflict of interest because the law doesn’t apply to him.  There are however laws that say that he can’t take money from foreign governments which we’ll never know because him and his people refuse to disclose anything.

The American people told to just accept that handing the Trump Organization over to his sons equates to enough separation between him and his “former” business.  We the people, are told to trust that he won’t discuss business with his sons while being the POTUS.  Of course we all know it’s a blatant lie, but even if it was true, are we supposed to believe he’ll stop watching the news?  He watches Saturday Night Live every weekend to see how they are making fun of him, but he won’t watch the news to see how his business is doing?  Are we supposed to believe he won’t make deals as POTUS with foreign governments without caring what it will affect within the Trump Organization?

It’s time for the CEOs of media companies to back their journalists and have them all bond together and ask the tough questions and demand an actual answer.  If Trump or someone on his teams deflects, the next journalist needs to ask the same question.  It needs to happen over and over until the people get answers.  We can no longer accept, “We’ve already answered this and he can not have a conflict of interest so sit down and shut up before we kick you out.” that we’ve been given multiple times over the last few months.

The people can not accept “This is all on the up and up.  You can believe us, because I just told you it was all good and I didn’t even have to tell you that.”


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