So Carrier is staying, what does that mean for me?


Donald Trump was able to broker a deal with Carrier to keep 1,000 of 1,400 jobs in Indiana that were intended to be moved to Mexico.  The reason for the move was Carrier would make over $14 million more in profits per year by paying employees $5/hour versus $25/hour in the United States.  What does the company staying in the US mean to the people?  First off it means that people will continue to have a job.  All good right?  Well not so much if you dig a little deeper.

This should scare everyone

176069_600-1I know Donald Trump has vaguely dismissed praise and support from the KKK and David Duke, but he hasn’t outright dismissed the support either.  With the hiring of Stephen Bannon and his “this racism you see isn’t racism, but rather the media telling you it’s racism” and the support of the KKK, this is the America we have accepted.  We have accepted racism as the new normal.

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